In the words of Justin Dart, ” I call for solidarity among all who love justice, all who love life, to create a revolution that will empower every single human being to govern his or her life, to govern the society and to be fully productive of life quality for self and for all.”

This site is about sharing. Sharing what is happening that empowers, that disappoints, and what calls to act. I use this forum to advance the cause of disability rights, disability culture, and quality of life. Make it as much yours as it is Teddy’s and mine.

Susan’s newest project –

unnamedADA 25 Michigan is an event to be held July 21, 2015 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the American’s with Disability’s Act passage. To get all the details, go to the ADA 25 Michigan website.

DisabilitySavvy logo

Access is good business. Is your business accessible and disability user-friendly? Is your website? Are your employees welcoming to people with disabilities? I can you help you be a business the disability community will be proud to recommend to others. DisabilitySavvy Website

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Resources to help people with disabilities in crisis and to live well everyday. It was formerly known as Katrina Disability Information and was my attempt to help thousands of people with disabilities displaced by the hurricane. It was lost during a server changeover, but all the data is backed up and a new wiki format is slowly up and running.

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Wear your disability pride on your chest in one of my son, Teddy’s tshirts or buttons! Teddy designs buttons with help from friends and produces them all himself. Many of his shirts designs are partly professionally silkscreen and partly hand-painted by Teddy.Teddy’ s Ts Website.  Please like it on Facebook and Tweet about it!

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A disability community’s response to the Ashley X treatment is a documentation of how a little girl’s body became center stage to a major medical ethics debate. Is it OK to alter a child’s body so that she can be easier to care for as she grows older? Four pages pages, which includes statement of solidarity,  news, commentary, and blog entries.

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A list of blogs I read written primarily by people with disabilities. Some are fun and others very serious – some dwell on only one topic, while others are more universal. I don’t read them all the time, but they all write things I really value. Bloggers with Disabilities page.

Reel Life Disability Film Festival Logo w/ textReel Life Disability Film Festival was active for several years showing cutting-edge films making people think about disability differently, hopefully it will be back again in the future. Watch for a Call for Entries! Want to see the line-up from past years? 

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An annotated list of books recommended by people central to the disability movement. Most books are memoirs, but there is an expanding list of non-fiction and books for children. The list will grow as people send me more book reviews. Do you have a favorite book to add? Books on Disability page.

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Susan’s Sex Support website was started when my son was just a young teenager (he’s now 28) when I found nothing online to help him or me deal with his burgeoning sexuality. It became much more than I ever expected. It now addresses sexuality in general and includes many documents I created when I couldn’t find what I needed. It will be converted to a new look some soon. It will be a wiki and you will be able to make additions to it. Sex Support Website

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Stories of Self-Determination was created to provide stories to read out loud at the International Conference on Self-Determination in Detroit in 2009. You can add your story – all stories are welcomed. Don’t worry about your spelling or grammar. Stories of Self-determination website.


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