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Georgia on my Mind

I have my first volunteer. Joy was one of my extraordinary helpers when I created Katrina the first time around. Now she will be my Georgia page manager. So what does a page manager do?  Initially they are going to go through the site and be sure all the information is correct. Than they are  Full Article…


Disabled Soapbox

Disabled Soapbox is another site I host. There I have a blog and a community where people can communicate with each other regarding what is important to them.  I decided it was impossible for me to keep up as many blogs as I have websites – so I have compiled them all into one.  Check  Full Article…


It’s up and running – or beginning to

I put up the old katrina disability pages that focused on how our country responded when people with disabilities were so desperate for help. We should have learned our lessons from Katrina, but it is doubtful we did. People still can’t get help from the Red Cross, still have problems finding accessible shelters, still have  Full Article…



This is going to be the new home of Katrina Disability Information. The site was lost when it switched servers. I have all the files, but they must be modified as they were created using Dreamweaver and this is a WordPress site. It will take a while and I hope you will be patient and  Full Article…